A selection of photos that document my journey through Thailand from Bangkok up to Chiang Mai.


A selection of photos from more than one hundred analogue pictures taken along my journey throughout Europe.


Found photos shot by a Polish family from Warsaw during a trip to London in 1974.


A walk down the hill from Fontainhas until Escada dos Guindais in Porto, Portugal.

Pedro Ferreira, born in Portugal in 1988, is a media artist based in Berlin. He works primarily with experimental and documentary film, video installation and performance. In his practice he explores found footage concepts to reconsider technologies and their failures and expose media materiality. His personal documentary works examine contemporary social issues in an attempt to comprehend the world from a micro-point of view. Markedly hybrid in both form of creation and presentation his works often mutate to fit screenings, video installations and performances, as well as collaborations with musicians and other artists.

He has presented his work internationally in festivals, galleries, museums and alternative spaces. Most recently, among others, his works were shown at Videoex in Switzerland, L’Alternativa in Barcelona, Porto/Post/Doc in Porto, Werkleitz Festival in Halle, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and the Goethe-Institut Toronto. His works are distributed through Video Out, part of VIVO Media Arts Centre.

Selected exhibitions and programs

— "Erosion" installation and performance for the collective exhibition The Beholder at SomoS Art House in Berlin (2017).

— “Material Representations: Sound Meetings” 30-minute program of selected works presented at CoCArt Music Festival in Torun (2017).

— “For wetter or borse” installation at Vitrine 01 in Berlin (2017).

— “No Matter Where You Go You Are Here” video-installation and A/V performance as part of the group exhibition at AV Espaço Montepio in Porto (2016).

— “Material Representations” 60-minute program of selected works, presented as: live performance with PortaJazz in Porto (2016); film-concert with the band Tropy at Fonomo Festival Bydgoszczy (2015) and a Poland-wide tour (2016); A/V performance at Entropia Gallery in Wrocław (2015).

— “Move On” installation of the work Fragments #5 as part of the group exhibition at the Werkleitz Festival in Halle (2015).

— “A Thousand Things To Frame” curatorial program of Portuguese artists’ moving images for Regional Support Network at Videofag in Toronto (2015).

— “Transit/Transform/Transmit” solo exhibition including selected video and sound installations, photography and live cinema performance at Being Generation in Toronto (2015).

— “Fragments” presented as: A/V performance with Allison Cameron at Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto (2014); 60-minute program presented at CineCycle in Toronto (2014).

— “(Portugal dos pequeninos)^2” solo exhibition of video installations at Galeria Tomás da Costa in Oliveira de Azeméis (2014).

— “Woliery 10” self-portrait photography as part of the group exhibition at MWW Contemporary Museum in Wrocław (2014).

— “You can’t buy a ticket for this session” live cinema performance presented at Galeria U and MWW Contemporary Museum in Wrocław (2014).

Scholarships and residencies

— Artist-in-Residence, AV Espaço Montepio, Porto 2016.

— Artist-in-Residence, Thraidos Artist Residency Thailand at Prem International School, Chiang Mai 2015.

— Artist-in-Residence, Move On EMARE - European Media Artists in Residence Exchange at the Images Festival, Toronto 2014.

— Recipient of the Erasmus internship scholarship, Assistant Professor Multimedia and Electronic media class, Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław 2012/13.


— Multimedia Arts and Culture – Master’s degree at University of Porto, Portugal 2011-13.

— Multimedia – Bachelor’s degree at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal 2007-11.

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